Extension Box (EBUS Query)

After what I believed was the the right amount of research (it clearly wasn't) I purchased the V3 Wireless Starter Kit and 6 TRV's with the intention of utilising EBUS on my boiler, however, as I unpacked the box I realised it had no EBUS functionality, after poking around on this forum it seems that I need either the EU version of the V3 box or an extension kit.

Unfortunately, I got the Wireless Starter Kit off facebook market place which means I have no option of return, so the extension kit seems the most sensible way to proceed, looking around on ebay I get boxes that look extremely similar to my existing box, often with no pictures of the inside to confirm EBUS functionality, does anyone know the part number so I can narrow down my search?

Thanks! :)


  • johnnyp78
    johnnyp78 ✭✭
    Answer ✓
    You need an extension kit starting serial number BU, with the single button on top. It comes in two pieces rather that one piece wireless kits. They come up on eBay fairly regularly.
  • Perfect, ordered off Ebay, thank you.