Radiator covers and Tado thermostats - big problem with access!

Several of my thermostats have batteries that need changed (Have only had them a year :-/). I have radiator covers on all of them and it poses a bit of an issue.

This is because there isn’t room to hold the base of the unit in order to detach the main body of the thermostat. Ie. They don’t come out far enough from the cover. This means the radiator covers need to be unscrewed and taken off which is a heavy job which I’m unable to do alone. Is there any adapter that can be used to bring the ‘pipe work’ further out so it can be reached without having to resort to taking the covers off? I might have to go back to the old ones as thus just isn’t practical. Frustrating!

(I can’t attach photos which might explain it better).

Thank you in advance.