What happens when HomeKit adjusts temperature when TRV (or all rooms) OFF

For the summer, Tado is set to 'All rooms off', so we just have hot water being controlled. However, what then happens if I set/run a HomeKit Scene that adjusts the temperature of a room?

I would hope that if any TRV the Scene adjusts is actually OFF, nothing will happen, but somehow I don't trust Tado, nor Apple to have thought this through and I don't want to find that adjusting a TRV that's currently OFF, causes it to turn itself ON first.

Needless to say, that adjustment is not required in the summer months, but the Scene includes it for winter use. So what happens?

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    I have found that it operates exactly as GrayDav4276 stated above. If an automation runs and adjusts temp setting, while all rooms are off, the adjusted room is turned on, rather than doing nothing because it's currently off. So the automation overrides the 'all rooms off' setting.

    I really need to be able to check if a room is ON or OFF and then only adjust if it is ON, but impossible with Apple's Home.app so will need a third party app to do that and Controller looks good, with a MacOS version which as far as I'm concerned is essential.


  • Why don’t you try it out yourself and find out what happens? That is probably faster than typing out the question here :-).

  • Thank you for your helpful response.

    Obviously that will be my final option, but before that, I was hoping others may be able to enlighten me. That's the purpose of a forum, is it not? To help others with specific knowledge you have but they do not.

    Besides which, questions asked and answered on forums help any others searching for answers to the same question. If I just try it myself and no-one else gets to know the answer, that helps no-one else.

    If you don't actually have an answer, why bother posting?

  • Indeed, why bother posting when you can push the scene in the home app and see what happens to the TRVs? The same as someone else would do when they want to check it for you.

    Having said that, the TRV will switch on.

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    I use Alexa.....so similar to what you are talking about.
    If I run an Alexa routine (or use Alexa voice commands) the relevant tado° devices will "see" this action as a "Manual device intervention"......so your tado° device will operate for the duration of a "Manual operation" (you can set this timescale in your tado° App for every tado° device.......it should be noted however that at the end of this timescale, the activated tado° device will return to "IT'S SCHEDULE SETTING" and not to your "ALL ROOMS OFF" setting. You would need to reactivate the "ALL ROOMS OFF".
  • With respect MichielTado, I never asked, nor expected anyone to check it for me. The point of asking is in the hope that someone already knows. Jeez you make this whole forum a painful place to be.

  • GrayDav4276, I suspect you are right, but tado's native HK interface does not expose that particular parameter. I believe I can possibly control it in Homebridge, but more testing is definitely required.