Tado multifloor with floor heating and radiators, what would be the best product setup?

Hi Tado Community,

I moving to a house with 3 floors, where the ground floor has floor heating, controlled by a thermostat in the ground floor, while the other 2 floors have independent radiators, where the water comes from district heating, so no boiler at the house.

What would be the best setup in this scenario? Of course the radiators need their own Smart Knobs, but should I get a wireless thermostat or a wired one? My fear is that the wired one would be activated in case of the radiators is turned on, making the floor heating temperature change. Or is that configurable in the app?

Thank you!

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  • johnnyp78
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    Do you want to control the under floor heating with Tado? Assuming it’s compatible, you could replace the ground floor thermostat with a wired or wireless Tado thermostat (depending on what’s already there) and then just put Tado trvs on the radiators. I’m not sure what you mean about the thermostat being activated but the trvs can be set as independent from the zone controller so as not to call for heat, which you would need in your case as there’s no boiler to call for heat from.


  • Being able to add as independent zones solved the problem! Thanks.