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One-click hot water control with 'turn off water' and 'resume schedule' button


I use the mobile app to control my central heating and hot water system. I don't use geofencing as my wife often leaves her phone at home. I do however frequently use the option to 'Turn OFF all rooms' and then 'Resume schedule' later. I would really love a similar option to 'Turn OFF hot water' and then resume the hot water schedule later in exactly the same way as the room heating.

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  • Second this, I have found that this would be very useful for my circumstances
  • I agree. My boiler has just developed a fault & has been turned off until the engineer arrives.

    I don’t want to switch Tado off for what could be several days & loose settings.

    I can turn off heating but there’s no way to permanently turn off hot water other than manually at each time slot or delete all time slots.

    Why not have a similar function for hot water as heating.

    On my old programmer I could cycle through Off, Timed, All day or Constant.
  • I think I’ve found how to do but it’s not that obvious or as simple as turning the heating schedule off.

    First, select Hot Water, then flick the switch down to off & you then presented with an edit ‘pencil’ symbol. Select this & drag the line at the bottom to the right & it now says ‘until you resume schedule’.

    Select ‘Resume Schedule’ to turn scheduled hot water back on.
  • Oliversharp
    Thank you very helpful seems to work