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Are many people having range issues


I have regular range issues with my system and am unable to add some new devices to some areas of my house as i can't find a spot for the internet bridge which will reach all areas. As advised, the bridge is mounted vertically. I get drop outs from some thermostats from time to time.

Do other people have range issues? I find it frustrating, as it would seem sensible that Tado created a mesh network between mains powered devices (as you see in Zigbee, Z-Wave and Thread). As I understand it Tado is in the Thread group and even uses 6oWPAN as an underlying protocol (which allows mesh).

I would even be happy to buy a plug in range extender if the thermostat and extension kit don't have the hardware to be a mesh network node.



  • I had range issues until I moved my TADO bridge upstairs, it seems to be able to reach all areas of the house now. I live in a bungalow that has been extended, so it is quite long, but has a loft conversion above part of the bungalow. I lose connection with the furthest out TRVs from time to time, but very rarely. I walk past the bridge a couple of times per week and always check it. I think my bridge is on the edge of the range. Been using the system since Feb 2019.
  • Asked the question about mesh and got a semi-positive response from their customer support. Posted in this thread: https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/comment/7495/#Comment_7495

  • I've added a "new feature" request for a range extender or mesh network here. If everyone who wants this votes for it, it might get more attention from Tado's development team. Thanks :)

  • In answer to your q. @burntbridge - yes i do have range issues as well which can’t be resolved due to the layout of my home. I’ve voted for @SimonOldridge ’s new feature request and hope others will too.

  • Yep, gave up and the Tado system only runs half of my home. Bizarre really, because you would expect that a system like this should be MORE useful if your home is larger, yet it is precisely those homes that can't be accommodated.

  • As this is still an issue I’m investigating replacing with Nest.
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