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Always show temperature on Tado ac

Have an option to set Tado ac to always show the current room temperature on display.
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  • Please , add this features ;)

  • Yes, please. Add display always on feature and possibly include this toggle in the smart plan schedule.

    You could choose in a particular section of plan whether the display should be on (daytime schedule) or off (nightime schedule).
  • ... or the preset temperature. The display really goes to waste most of the time. Unless it has a limited lifespan, I don't get why it should be turned off most of the time. Show some animations when I am meddling in the Tado or Home app as well... It's a relatively well-made device. Make the most of it!

  • Please add a feature to show the current temperature on the display.

  • Yes, I really miss this right now in comparison to my old thermostat. This will prevents me to pick up the phone many times a day since I want to know the temperature but I am to lazy to walk up to the screen and push the button..
  • I agree, please add this feature as soon as possible! Thanks in advance for the quick response.
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    Yes please! I just replaced my ancient Honeywell analog thermostat, and it was better in showing the current temperature, than the Tado thermostat...
    Please... add a toggle in the settings of the Tado app to show the current temperature!
    If possible, just a dim display would already be nice. I understand it would drain the batteries. If that’s the case, maybe using only a few leds would be possible. I.e.: indicating that the set temperature is reached.
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    +1 Please add it also for smart thermostat (with an option to toogle it on/off). The current white box feels kind of useless design element otherwise.

  • +1 Dont even mind reduced battery life.

  • +1, I was so disappointed when I first got the product that this feature wasn’t in place.
  • +1, it would be nice feature.

  • +100, as soon as possible :)

  • Must have, was confused and expected this as a normal feature. Just a white tile on the wall makes no sense. Want to see the temp

  • agree - seems to be an obvious need for wall mounted thermostat

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