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Always show temperature on Tado ac

Have an option to set Tado ac to always show the current room temperature on display.
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  • Please , add this features ;)

  • Yes, please. Add display always on feature and possibly include this toggle in the smart plan schedule.

    You could choose in a particular section of plan whether the display should be on (daytime schedule) or off (nightime schedule).
  • ... or the preset temperature. The display really goes to waste most of the time. Unless it has a limited lifespan, I don't get why it should be turned off most of the time. Show some animations when I am meddling in the Tado or Home app as well... It's a relatively well-made device. Make the most of it!

  • Please add a feature to show the current temperature on the display.

  • Yes, I really miss this right now in comparison to my old thermostat. This will prevents me to pick up the phone many times a day since I want to know the temperature but I am to lazy to walk up to the screen and push the button..
  • I agree, please add this feature as soon as possible! Thanks in advance for the quick response.
  • edited January 2020
    Yes please! I just replaced my ancient Honeywell analog thermostat, and it was better in showing the current temperature, than the Tado thermostat...
    Please... add a toggle in the settings of the Tado app to show the current temperature!
    If possible, just a dim display would already be nice. I understand it would drain the batteries. If that’s the case, maybe using only a few leds would be possible. I.e.: indicating that the set temperature is reached.
  • janistadojanistado
    edited January 2020

    +1 Please add it also for smart thermostat (with an option to toogle it on/off). The current white box feels kind of useless design element otherwise.

  • +1 Dont even mind reduced battery life.

  • +1, I was so disappointed when I first got the product that this feature wasn’t in place.
  • +1, it would be nice feature.

  • +100, as soon as possible :)

  • Must have, was confused and expected this as a normal feature. Just a white tile on the wall makes no sense. Want to see the temp

  • agree - seems to be an obvious need for wall mounted thermostat

  • Can someone please implement this feature? It is really a nice device, but now it goes to waste. My old iSense was showing the temperature and time constantly. I somehow expect the tado to at least be able to do the same.

  • Have Tado actually ever implemented anyone’s feedback? This whole system of feature requests they have in place seems utterly futile as they don’t even seem to comment.

    If this is not possible then let us know why Tado and close/lock the thread.
    If it is possible then state what the priority of implementation is, and give an approximate timeline.

    I suspect this forum is to simply allow people to vent and nothing more. That’s what it looks like anyway.
  • +1

    we need this feature as soon as possible

  • Is there already an option to activate always on display?

    I was very disappointed, after installing the Tado. Honeywell and Nest thermostats looks much better.
  • +1 - I was looking for this option myself as well & was disappointed to see it's not there. As others added:

    -could be set automaticall on/off eg. in line with the day / night temperature settings

    -a dim light could be used to reduce battery consumption.

    @TADO ADMINS, please comment. thank you!

  • Please enable this option

  • OsanchezrOsanchezr
    edited November 2020
    Hi all! I have just installed my new V3+ and I can’t believe that you can’t see the actual temperature on the screen... You only see the temperature if you manually press the screen..😡
    Please enable the option to always show the current room temperature on display.
    Could you at least give us a feedback?
    Thank you
  • It’s ridiculous that we even have to ask for it. As others have said, at least give some feedback on the matter.
  • Please add this feature!

    It is annoying to have to go to the thermostat and press the button in order to see the temperature.

  • Oh. You mean an always on option is nor even a feature. I just ran across this topic for help on it. Defenately a +1000 then. Also want to know in what mode the heater is. (Say on or off)
  • Yes, please. Do it :)
  • Why it is not showing wht we choose all the time, temperature for example. it is so ridiculous that we have to ask for it. İt should not be that difficult to make it
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