I'm a technophobe, is it easy to install?


How long does it take to install, can I use a professional?


  • Hi Patrick,

    It depends on what you need to install, but a Smart Thermostat can be installed in around 20 minutes, same goes for an Extension Kit. The Smart Radiator Valves are even easier to install (no wiring).

    As we also provide you with customised installation instructions (WYSIWYG), it also makes it no harder than replacing a light-fitting.

    Having said that, you can purchase an installation for the Smart Thermostat and Extension Kit from us (best to do so whilst ordering the kit, but you can get it after too). You would then need to register the devices and give us some information on what is being replaced before you can enter the code to book, but you would also be guided through that process.

    Best regards,