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Change comfort scale

I find 18C comfortable, yet Tado tells me that I’m cold (even 19.5C is considered cold, whereas it’s uncomfortably warm for me).

I’d like to be able to change the comfort scale, so I’m not prompted to “put on a jumper”, “snuggle under a blanket”, or “turn the heating up”.

When we’re meant to be saving energy and resources, it doesn’t make sense to encouraging us to use more, particularly when we don’t personally feel the need.

Please implement the ability to set a temperature range of “what I feel is comfortable”.

Thank you.
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  • Same here. I am fine with 19C as comfy, but Tado thinks we are all senior citizens that like to have a 20+ C as comfy.

    Or at Tado they all wear T Shirts and Shorts, in that case 20C makes sense 🤣

  • I agree! I sent Tado the message below on Twitter - hope they'll change the norms:

    I notice that the app is telling me that the room is cold when we heat up to 18.5. Now, it may be cold for some, but it's also much more sustainable (environmentally and financially) to heat up to 19 degrees max. Could tado nudge consumers to heat a bit less, perhaps by adjusting these norms? Which are of course normative by definition and could help to influence consumer behaviour positively, especially in this climate and energy crisis :) hope to see a change in the near future,


  • I agree. My normal home temperature is set to 16 degrees (which I know many would find chilly) and if I want it to feel particularly warm, I might increase it to 17 or even 18. In my home, I only want 15 degrees and under to be considered "cold".

    This needs to be configurable.

  • Comfort scale should be :
    - customize per customer type « energy saver; sensitive to cold » etc etc
    - dependant of the room type, a bedroom shouldn’t be « comfortable » at 21 degrees… but at 17…. The opposite for a bathroom.
  • WTBram
    I vote for this too. Let's promote lowering energy consumption, by making these standards (scales) adjustable, per room.