Is the Tado system affected by changing the clocks by one hour?

I have my smart thermostat set to come on at 8am each day but it comes on at 9am.It goes off at the correct time 12.noon but set to come on again at 4pm it comes on at 3pm.Also the internet bridge is connected but pairing is inactive,if I activate the pairing it says active for 12 hours,can this be part of the problem?


  • Pairing is only active temporarily when connecting new devices. So that can’t be it.

    I am not sure what you are seeing. First one hour late, then on time, next one hour to soon, makes no sense.

    I would suggest to create a new smart schema after deling the current one.

  • Thank you for your reply,I agree it makes no sense.I will create a new smart schedule but I still don`t understand

    why I have to activate the pairing every 12 hours.We had a new boiler installed in August and Tado was set up by

    the boiler company.

  • cbd20
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    Hi @terrysutt you don't need to activate the pairing every 12 hours. "Pairing mode" is only used to initially connect new devices. Once everything is connected the status will change to "Pairing Inactive". That is the correct state as your system is already paired, so the bridge no longer needs to be in pairing mode.