Tado installation in 60m2 flat

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Im going to install tado devices at my home. I read some information about different devices and I would like to verify it here.

Currently I have:

  • 6x Heaters
  • 1x wireless temperature regulation - programmer (model Auraton tx2005)
  • 1x receiver (model Auraton tx)
  • 1x gas boiler (model Ariston EGIS) - two functions. Heats water (no external tank) and controlling heaters

I would like to make it more smart... I do not want to control water temperature. I only want to control temperature in rooms. So I want to achieve to turn on/off heating in gas boiler only when I need it. And I want to set temperature for each room. If i correctly understood I need to buy:

  • tado starter kit V3+ (wired smart thermostat + wifi receiver to router or maybe wireless thermostat + receiver wired to gas stove + wifi receiver to router)
  • 6x radiators tado

Is it enough? Will gas boiler turn off If every room will have proper temperature?