Check on understanding of system design

Hi there

I have been looking into tado to use on my current set up which includes:

  • Vaillant Ecotec Plus 832 Combi. This was installed as a combi as I needed a like for like replacement initially, but planned to add a a cylinder in time and now I have it connected to a ...
  • IOSO Super S (Think SCI 250 on S-plan connection) (the direct HW runs to a single tap, the cylinder to everything else in the house)
  • I currently use a Honeywell st9400 programmer and the Honeywell dt92e10 wireless star
  • the central heating comprises a large underfloor heating area for the family room(2 zones using Myson MRPT RF thermostats, independently controlled from the rest of the house’s heating)
  • and then all on the main thermostat/programmer: 8 room radiators (currently on Drayton TRVs except 1 which is on a cheap TRV) and 2 towel rads on chrome valves.

What I would like is to be able to smart control the radiators with smart valves on each rad, smart control the cylinder and modulate the boiler.

I was pointed at tado because it could modulate this Vaillant boiler as I understand it, unlike most other systems.

But I have been led to understand that actually I won't be able to achieve this because I couldn't get the Tado to control the UFH zone because the Myson MRPTs need a wireless receiver, but the Tado can only have one wireless receiver and that would be connected to the main thermostat. Is this right, or might there be a clever way around this?

Thanks for help in advance.