How to achieve this?

Ensuite room - top floor has thermostat installed (tado)- Desired temp I want is 18 deg
Study room - additional radiator thermostat installed- desired temp is 21 deg.

I sit whole day in the study and I dont want my ensuite room heating to be on throughout the day while I want study to be warm enough for me.

What do I do ?

Option 1- Should I set the tado thermostat temp to 18 and study rooms additional radiator thermostat to 21 but that wont work because main thermostat would stop heating if it reaches 18 deg before to study being 21.

Option 2- Would additional sensor im study help here? If it can override the builtin sensor in the ensuite room?


  • Just create 2 rooms, Ensuite room and set the zone controller to the smart thermostat that call for heat and you have to put a Smart Radiator Valve (SRV) on the radiator then another Study room to have a SRV installed (You can have an optional temperature sensor on the wall to control the temperature in this room) then set the zone controller of this room to the smart thermostat in the Ensuite room.

    So when Study room call for heat it will ask the thermostat then thermostat will ask the boiler to turn on. Since you have a SRV on both room it will heat to the set temperature.