Costco tado black friday startup offer

Hi Folks,

Any advice would be much appreciated, trying to avoid buying wrong stuff, refunds etc.

Just moved into a flat with gas heating, flats about 20 years old.

Current setup

Valliant ecotec pro28 combi gas boiler with wifi attachment in kitchen.
WiFi temp controller in hall (don't think it's wired in). British gas rc plus wall controller. (Got pics).

Looking to uograde to this.

Is this the right one to buy?
And also can I use the existing WiFi connector on the combi rather than attaching the tado one? Presume this is the latest model.
If this is the one to buy I take it I just chase up some radiator thermostats.


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    Tado is not compatible with any other brand of thermostat. You will need to replace the wireless unit in the Kitchen with a Tado Extension Kit or Wireless Receiver and replace the RC Plus in the hall with a Tado Temperature Sensor. Based on the limited information provided the Costco product will do the job. Do note that this product uses the extension kit, which has been superseded by the wireless receiver. Functionally the extension kit is the better product.

    The British Gas RC Plus is a re-badged Drayton Digistat.

  • GrilledCheese2
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    The Amazon product is the new wireless receiver. It has a few status LEDs on the front and two test buttons, but it does not have a digital interface. The extension kit has the digital interface (in addition to the relay interface), but it does not have the LEDs and test buttons.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the Costco product is actually the wireless receiver. The extension kit was discontinued some time ago and I have not seen it advertised recently.

    As you are using a generic British Gas controller I suspect (but cannot confirm) your interface is relay mode, so the digital interface should be irrelevant to your decision.


  • Your advise is really appreciated 👍

    My research unearthed the following (it would be lazy of me to ask on here without even looking into things)

    Costco one (above) is £ 99
    Toolststion was. £119
    Currys. £119
    Amazon one (below). £135.00

    1. Is costco one the better than the amazon deal? (I'll check the others myself for extention/wireless component)

    2. Then all I need are radiator thermostats. Presume only one version of those.
    Here's some prices for radiator thermostats (if anyone is adding during the sales)

    Tool station 4 pack for 183
    Costco. 4 for 149
    Amazon. 3 for 119

    Many thanks for reading.

    (a friend has a tado system but he bought his years ago so can't really advise me. But he's happy with his older version)
  • Thanks for your incredible patience on this.

    So the product I should buy has either a wireless receiver (newer, so presume better) or extention kit (older).
    So all the offers I listed above are for the same start up kit, but the costco one might have a extention kit rather than a wireless receiver. Presume older extention kit would be harder to replace if it breaks.

    So assuming all the others excluding costco are the same package I'd be best to buy the currys one, which has the wireless reciever and is the cheapest.

    I could then try a currys 119 /costco 99 price match and if its the same kit as costco I'd get the match and if not I've got the cheapest pack with a wireless receiver.

    That sound the way to go?
    If so gas guy installs it and I buy the radiator valves (is it just them or do I need more kit, eg thermostats etc? )

    Looks like a start to finish plan!

    "Buy TADO Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ | Free Delivery | Currys"
  • Once you’ve got the starter kit installed you can add the radiator thermostats without needing to buy anything else. However, Tado do sell add-on temperature sensors that can be paired with a radiator thermostat. The extra sensor allows the room temperature to be measured away from the radiator.

  • Thanks for all your advice, much appreciated 👍

    Went for toolbox offer below (Currys had sold out at same price)

    Chasing an installer now, see what British Gas can do.