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Hi. I have a couple of Google home hubs in my house that I use to control lights and switches.

I was wondering if tado thermostats can be controlled directly from Google home. I know one can control it with the voice assistant, but I'm asking specifically if you can see temperature information directly in the Google home hubs.


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  • Siobhan
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    Hi, yes you can. Under Home control, you get a snapshot of each room (heating or off status, current and temp set). You can change settings here per room / device.

    You can also select Climate with the Google Home Control menu on left to go to access the same sections.


  • hi, thanks for the information! It's a bit hard to know if you are starting with home automation :)

  • I've not found a way to gain an "at a glance" dashboard view of all the data at once. I can see the devices listed, but you need to click into each one individually to see data values.

    Certainly voice control works and I assume you could set up routines too, but personally I just use the Tado app for my dashboard view and to make adjustments. Rarely I might use a voice command if I think to, but it's not baked into my muscle memory to do that.

  • hi @eezytiger thanks a lot for the screenshots. That's exactly what i was looking for. From what i see you can even control the thermostats from google home, which is great.

  • cbd20
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    @eezytiger @marioferreira if you've got android 12 then when you pull down the notification bar there is a "Device Controls" menu item. Clicking that you can see all your devices on one screen. It also shows the current status of each room thermostat and what the temperature in each room is.
  • @cbd20 Thanks for the heads up. I'm currently on Android 11. No date for 12 that I'm aware of.