Thermostats call for heat after temp has been reached?

I’ve only noticed this recently.
For example: Thermostat is set to 18C
App reports room is 19.5C and heating to 18C
Why is this?

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    If the smart valve is paired with a room thermostat then I would expect temperature control for the room to be good. Might be worth contacting Tado directly to see if they can account for the large overshoot in temperature.


  • It’s normal for the system to overheat the set point a bit, but by 1.5°C is excessive. Do you have smart TRVs on some radiators? These can request heat and cause rooms on the same circuit without a smart TRV to overheat.

  • Yes, I have a smart valve on the radiator in that room, but the temperature is controlled from the smart thermostat on the wall. Is that the issue?