How to configure this set up?

I have a system boiler with wired programmer that controls the hot water (tank) valve and central heating (radiators) zone valve with a wired thermostat. I have a separate zone valve for wet underfloor heating that has its own wireless programmer and thermostat.

I want to use Tado to replace everything, that is, the wired programmer for hot water and central heating zone together with 8 smart TVRs for most of the radiators and then have another wireless thermostat for the UFH zone.

What configuration do I need to run this set up because none of the options in the guides seem to work.? The help guides say to use a wireless starter kit with hot water control and then get an additional "wired" smart thermostat for the UFH zone. Except this is not possible as the UFH is entirely wireless and no possibility of using a wire.

I then thought I could just swap the wired and wireless thermostats around and use the wired one to control the central heating zone and use the wireless one for the UFH except then the TVRs operate the wrong zone valve when calling for heat.!!

My heating config is not at all unusual where UHF has been added later on to an existing heating system as part of a building extension so this seems a major flaw in the Tado design.

If i used Nest I would have no problem setting it up wirelessly for both heating zones so why does Tado have such a fundamental limitation?

I am close to giving up and returning the tado kit and just getting two nest v3 thermostats instead but as a last ditch effort I thought I try here as I get zero response from tado support which in itself is a negative mark.

With Nest I wont have smart TVRs but at least I will have a working heating system up and running quickly for less money. (and no subscription fees it seems as well)