v6.27.0 and still no copy & paste

Just updated to version 6.27.0 and I still can't copy and paste settings within my schedule. I understand Tado need to know if updates are being used but this is really, really frustrating.


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    Are you sure? It works well since at least 6.26

  • I don't have this icon on 6.27.0 Android.

  • rafm5
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    I have no access to Android, sorry. Have you tried the web app instead (as a temporary solution) ?


  • @rafm5 Nothing in the web app either. Is this one of the things they're rolling out to selected test groups, so account based rather than app version based?

  • I had the very first issue of the C&P when I received 6.24.......then I lost it and nothing is showing on 6.27.....??🤔
  • Just updated tonight to 6.26 ios and still no copy & paste

  • Nothing for me either, 6.26 iOS

  • The copy and paste function with the icon at the top of the screen was rolled out to about half of users to assess its usability. I believe it will be rolled out to the rest of us soon.
  • @Heatexpert

    Unless I've misunderstood a post comment from a Tado employee........Tado withdrew this after approximately 1 week of assessing customer usage of the feature as insufficient.