Checking compatibility - Worcester Greenstar boiler, Salus thermostat

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Am interested in buying a tado with my Bulb discount. But I wanted to check compatibility before I buy, just to make sure it works with what we currently have.

We have a Greenstar 32CDi boiler and a Salus ST621RF thermostat. This is a wireless unit with a receiver on the boiler. Had a fiddle and seems to be tricky to remove, so don't want to unless I have to (until I buy the tado). The Salus thermostat isn't great which is why I'd like to replace it.

We're also renting at the moment but if it's compatible, I'll obviously ask the landlord if I can uninstall the Salus receiver and install the tado instead. That's assuming I can uninstall the Salus myself without an expert etc.

Thanks! Let me know if other info is needed to determine compatibility.