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This morning I have woke up to no internet and on reporting there looks to be between the exchange and my house so an engineer has been called. However this will take 2 to 5 working days.

I'm wondering now why it's cold and can see that Tado is no longer working because of no internet. What a poor design on such a critical piece of home infrastructure!

Anyway, is there a way I can manually enable heating without ripping the cables out? I have kids and need the heating on.


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    @Cavester this is a point raised regularly on here that tado should provide some sort of offline schedule, however basic that needs to be. Alas they don't seem keen to progress this idea.

    However, you can still control the heating manually directly on your devices.
  • Hi @cbd20
    Is this manual alteration still possible if the "Child Lock" feature is active ?? 🤔
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  • Yeah.....but is this possible with no Internet access at the time ?? 🤔
  • Just tested and if child lock is activated, as it is in the kids nursery then you can't turn the heating on.

    This is a real health and safety risk that Tado needs to address. I can see the news article now, "1 year old freezes to death overnight due to stupid Tado oversight".
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    @cavester have you tried what I posted above about deactivating child lock.

    @GrayDav4276 I'm sure it will work as this exact point was answered by tado staff elsewhere on the forum.
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    @Cavester and @GrayDav4276 in case the link I posted above isn't working and for the avoidance of doubt, this is what it says to do:

    "To deactivate Child Lock (and be able to manually adjust your heating while offline), please do the following on your Smart Radiator Thermostat:

    Unmount the Smart Radiator Thermostat head from the radiator, then

    Remove the batteries from the device and wait 10 seconds before putting them back, then close the battery compartment.

    Then wait 1 minute before you remount the device. This ensures the device will calibrate successfully.

    Note: This manual change is temporary, and once the connection with the app is reestablished, Child Lock will automatically be reactivated."
  • Thanks for your help. Finally got internet back an hour ago after a visit by BT Openreach this afternoon. Problem was a short in cabling in the street. Good news is I now have 7 meg more than I had before lol.

    It's good to know there is a workaround for the child locks, yet this is still quite a major oversight by Tado. I can (just about) accept that when the internet goes down I don't have a schedule and automated scheduled changes, as I can still control it manually as I'd need to do anyway with a manual system. It's still not a good design IMO. However to have to go through a procedure of removing batteries and waiting to reset the device is a bit of a chew on.

    I've now bought an internet only SIM to add to my router and now have internet failover in the event of it happening again :)
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    Child lock is an optional feature, when you do not like how it works you can leave it switched off.

    Before child lock existed, people claimed it was an oversight that Tado did not provide such a lock and their children could turn the heating up. Now that it has been implemented, people complain that they cannot control the heating...

  • Forgive me, but that's a naive thing to say. There are many things that don't work how people would like, and have a choice to use or not, yet this is not one of them.

    The feature is a one of safety for children and therefore necessary for some people. The child lock is a welcome feature, however it should be able to be overridden if the internet connection goes down without having to dismantle every valve. This I feel is an oversight in the solution design.

    As noted however, I've now worked around the problem by implementing resilient network infrastructure, yet this shouldn't be a requirement for the home environment.
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    Before the current child lock existed, a workaround for situations where you would not want others (e.g. children) to permanently change the temperature was to set the room parameters to have a fixed time interval for manual changes (instead of until next scheduled change) and set the interval to e.g. 00:15

    Then someone could still turn the heating up and have some effect of that, but shortly after it would just resume the schedule. So maybe you can use that method.