Wireless Temperature Sensor

Help, I bought one to add to my Tado system. It alludes to being HomeKit compatible, but when it arrived, while I’ve successfully added it to the Tado app, there is no code or way to add it to HomeKit.

More than frustrated as was hoping that Id be able to control all the radiators in one room by using the sensor - and for more accurate temperature where we sit as opposed to the radiator thermostat valve.

Are there HomeKit specific ones or am I being stupid?

It seems rubbish that it won’t display in HomeKit therefore HomeKit will probably then take the readings from the radiator thermostats as opposed to the wireless thermostat, making it useless unless I use the confusing and weird Tado app.


  • Agreed. I’m the same. I’ve got the wireless starter kit v3….. and the box says works with HomeKit…. But what works with home kit?
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    If you already control your radiators with tado°, you can optionally add the Wireless Temperature Sensor to move the measurement of the room temperature away from the heat source. You can also manage multiple radiators in one room with only one device, but you must set it up as a zone controller.

  • @rafm5 how do I set up my Wireless Temperature Sensor to be a Zone Controller ? The only option I have currently for Zone Controller is my "Extension Kit" I have a wired Thermostat in the hall which controls this.

  • @Sherlock Based on my own setup the zone controller is the device that is connected to the boiler and instructs it to turn on or off. In my case this is a wired smart thermostat in the hall.

    In the bathroom I have a wireless temperature sensor. This is linked to the smart wired thermostat as its zone controller. The wireless temperature sensor is not a zone controller. It is a thing (along with TRVs) that communicate their needs to the zone controller.

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    @Sherlock you need to set the wireless temperature sensor as the 'measuring device' for the room it is in. The extension kit will be the zone controller.