Extender no longer available?

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I've just bought a starter kit with a wireless receiver - this seems to be the only option now in the UK.
However this only appears to support relay on/off, whereas the extender (as far as I can ascertain) supports OpenTherm and eBus. This is what attracted me to Tado in the first place! Is this correct? If so, how do I get an extender? Or is there a newer version of the wireless receiver which supports OpenTherm etc?
My model number is V3P-SK-WTS01WRP01

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  • pcone
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    You're correct, the UK Wireless Receiver only supports relay on/off control. Apparently the European version supports OpenTherm and eBus (but not relay control). I managed to get a new Extension Kit from eBay recently which supports both, so you might be able to find one there, alternatively the wired thermostat also supports OpenTherm and eBus.


  • Thanks for confirming. I've found one on eBay so I'll buy that, and then I guess the wireless receiver I have will go on there itself. 😉