Underfloor heating question

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I have 2 types of heating in my home: 2nd floor has radiators (that are equipped with Tado smart thermostats) and underfloor heating on the first floor. The heat is generated by Nibe Split 270 unit (but I think this is irrelevant)
I want to add Tado to first floor as well but I don't have any automation there at the moment. I was thinking to use Luxor or Watts actuator on the manifold and wire the Tado thermostat directly to the actuator. Would this work?


  • Since there seems to be no one who knows this, I decided to try blindly. Thermostats should arrive soon and then I'll pick up the actuators as well.
  • I'm not an expert and not familiar with those actuators, but...

    The actuators will need power and the tado just acts as a switch (switched live) so can't see how it would work directly wired unless you can find power and incorporate the tado stat as a switch, then it should work fine.

    I used a wiring centre which does that job for my setup - but I have a different setup.

  • AFAIK the actuators have their own power supply (that's what they told me in the store, when I wanted to buy the controller as well). I'll post again once I have all the components.
  • Hi Shmarkus,

    I am in the same situation as you:

    • radiators at the 1st floor with smart thermostats;
    • underfloor heating at the ground floor.

    I bought the wireless extension kit and I wired the wireless receiver directly to the heating system and it communicates wireless with the smart thermostats.

    Additionally I have a wired tado which I intend to use it for the actuator of the underfloor heating.

    I plan to connect the wires of the tado thermostat to a relay which could trigger the on/off of the actuator. Hopefully the tado thermostat will also "inform" (via the wireless communication) the central heating to start.

    I am not 100% that this will work.

    Another point is that tado wireless receiver has also the connection for a relay. I was wondering if the wireless receiver could be connected via eBus to the heating system and via the relay wires to the actuator. (If yes, then I could use a tado wireless temperature sensor in the living room and get rid of the wires. (But I do not know how to configure the wireless receiver to control both eBus and relay.)

    Please let me know how you solved it.