Is boiler on or off

Hi everyone. Is there a way to see on the app if my boiler is on or off?


  • No, the app shows the calculated rate of heating required to maintain the set point temperature. So the cloud may have calculated that your heat source needs to be on for 40% of the time, but you cannot see if the thermostat has switched the boiler on or off at a particular moment in time.

  • I assumed the yellow or green colour on the background of the device on the app indicated if the boiler was on or off ?
    • Shades of green: room is set to a saving temperature (below 19°).
    • Shades of yellow/orange: room is set to a higher temperature.
    • Grey: room set to OFF/Frost protection.

  • @GrilledCheese2

    I think you are confusing something here.

    This is not about a room but about the hot water function.

    There is only orange or gray here. Gray is off and orange is everything else. 😄

  • No confusion. The OPs question and follow up question from Sherlock is how to to see if the Boiler is on/off in the App. No question regarding hot water function.

  • The question from @Mrbeej was about a boiler. By definition, a boiler is a hot water storage tank.

    POV: So his question about the on / off function is aimed at the hot water function in the app.

    And that's exactly the point.

    When a thermostat opens / heats, the heating symbol (three waves) appear. Depending on the heating level, one wave fills up after the other.

    The eKachek of the respective room changes color from gray, green, yellow to orange.

    Unfortunately, this is not the case with the hot water tile. On the one hand, this tile for the boiler shows no heating waves and only two colors (gray and orange).

    In fact, one wonders when exactly the water in the boiler is heated up. So when is warm water produced?

    There is only "Warm water heating mode" on = orange or off = gray

    That's how I understood his question. 😉

  • Sorry @cortana

    But I agree with @GrilledCheese2
    I'm afraid to say that you have totally misunderstood the original (and additional) no point was the "Hot Water" Tile mentioned 🤔
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    @cortana perhaps we have a difference in language/translation. In the UK we use the term boiler to describe the appliance that heats the radiators and underfloor heating. Hot water can also come from the boiler or often a hot water cylinder.

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    Hi @GrilledCheese2 and @GrayDav4276 🤗

    puhhh, you're right of course. I didn't even think about it.

    Unfortunately, the information from @Mrbeej is also very sparse. Maybe he can clarify that for us 😉

    Here in Germany we speak of the "gas thermal bath" as a heating unit and the boiler or hot water tank as a hot water processor.

    Please excuse my ignorance. 😊

  • I was asking could there be a flame icon so when the boiler is on heating the radiators I can see. This is so I know the boiler is not running but the radiator taps are off.
  • I am speculating here, but if Tado is connected to the boiler via e-Bus or Opentherm then maybe it could be aware of the boiler condition. I don't know if it is even possible, but I guess it might be. I don't know whether data flow is one way or two way with these connection types or whether Tado could see the boiler state rather than, perhaps, flow/return temps.

    With relay switching Tado can only know whether it asks the boiler to supply heat or not. It does not know whether the boiler is fired up. It just opens or closes a switch.

    For example, Tado asks for heat. The boiler switches on, burns gas and heats the system. Then it reaches the temperature limit and turns off, pumps water for a few more minutes and then shuts down in anti-cycling mode. All this while Tado is still requesting more heat. But what is the definition of "boiler on"? That it is asked for heat or that it is burning gas? Or that the pump is running?

    And what use is it to know whether the boiler is on or off? If Tado requests heat then the boiler should be "on", subject to the temperature constraints of the boiler parameters, which means it might be "off" (not burning gas) when it is "on".

    Now if the question is about the boiler state when Tado is not controlling the boiler - e.g. old timer/thermostat controlling the boiler - then how would Tado know what the boiler is doing?

  • As far as I know, the boiler receives the current data (indoor and outdoor temperature, air pressure, etc.) and the heating request from the connected thermostat via the e-bus.

    The cycle lock, pump output, hysteresis, spreading, etc. values ​​must be defined in the boiler beforehand. These cannot and will not be changed by tado.

    If tado sends a heating request, the boiler regulates according to the previously set parameters. It is therefore very important that these parameters are set correctly.

    Tado doesn't do more at this point. Of course, this does not apply to relay boilers. With these there is actually only on or off.

    Point two, the return channel.

    I do think that there is a return channel from the boiler to the thermostat / extension kit. Otherwise the in-house control units of the manufacturer would not work. The "Care & Protect" function also requires feedback if errors occur in the boiler.

    Basically, the e-bus is the better interface for good heating control