Internet Bridge off at the exact same time every day

Have had tado for a year or so and in general it has been reliable enough. But this week something has changed. This has happened 3 days in a row now, the internet bridge loses its connection to the router and isn’t capable of reconnecting automatically. Always at 6:40pm.

I have sky fibre using a sky hub router. I use broadband quality monitor and that has shown no drop in service this week, and no other devices have had internet issues, so I’m ruling out the internet as an issue. I use tp link power line adapters to send the Ethernet signal to the only socket in the entire house which gets my IB a good connection to all other tado devices.

what is strange, if I powercycle the adapter and IB in the socket it’s located in, it doesn’t reconnect to the router. However, if I move the tp link and IB to a socket in a different room, then it will reconnect and work again. Once it is reconnected, I can then unplug it, move it back to the original socket and it works again!

need to figure out (1) what is happening at 6:40 to lose the connection? Is the router doing something to affect the IB? Is there an IP address issue? (2) why does it only reconnect again on a different socket? Is there a tp link issue (3) what changed this week to start this issue, since we’ve had this setup for 3 or 4 months now without an issue! I might leave it in a different socket at 6:40 tonight to see if the issues happen elsewhere.

thanks for any advice!


  • @Paddy1983 6.40pm is currently close to sunset, so I’m wondering if you have some automated lights which switch on close to this time that may may be causing interference on one or more of your power circuits. Power Line adapters are a bit hit and miss because they are susceptible to interference on the electrical circuit that can occur at random times of the day. CFL bulbs, LED bulbs and microwaves are common culprits for making electrical noise in the home.

    If you are using a dynamic IP address it could be that the IP address expires at a time when there is electrical interference and the bridge is unable to lease a new one from the router. Moving the devices to another circuit enables the bridge and router to negotiate a new IP address which stays active when you move the devices back to your preferred electrical socket. The interference is still present but bridge is able to make successive retries to maintain normal communication for another 24 hours.

    The above is just speculation but perhaps some of it will help with your investigation.

  • Thanks. No automated lights or anything like that, but I'll keep an eye out for anything else that we might do around that time that could kick the power circuit.

    I did manage to set up a static IP address for the IB in my router settings, and the IB has stayed on since then, made it through yesterday's dreaded 6.40pm slot. Could have just been luck, but at least we got through yesterday without an issue!

  • rafm5
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    @Paddy1983 You can also have a look @ your router's DHCP settings. Lease time to be more specific. If it is close to 6.40pm you know what the issue is.

  • Hi @rafm5 apologies I've only just seen your message, thanks for the advice.

    Honestly the whole thing has kept driving me crazy. I set up a static IP in the router and that seemed to fix it... for a while. Then we plugged the dyson in in the same room as the powerline and lost the IB. Then we seemed to lose the IB when the dishwasher went on. The amount of times I've had to sneak around the house trying not to wake the baby up whilst plugging the IB into as many different sockets as I can find.

    Managed to find a Tp-link wireless extender with an ethernet port and that has now been running successfully for a few weeks. Probably time for that to break now as well.