Ext kit replacing danfoss RX1 (vaillant)

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Ian a little confused on fitting my extension kit. It’s replacing a danfoss RX1 wireless link on a valiant exotec pro boiler. The set up instructions look like they won’t work with vaillant ebus. Is this right?

I have pic of the current wiring but can’t seem to post it


  • Skippy
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    No that is not correct.
    It's confusing and the setup prog / app does not help.
    Look at the pro installer guide pdf or the hard copy.
    Page 19 onwards should direct you towards solution.

    Oh and unlike described hold the button at the end for another 3 seconds otherwise you don't get into the installer setup.
    Make sure you isolate power to the boiler before wiring,configure the units before pluging in and then power on.

    Mine is slightly different but the process applies and they can be set for ebus and mine is now fully working although I used a wired thermostat via ebus and an acess gateway.

    Add rad theromasts for even more control if you get it all working.

    Hope that helps.
  • Middo
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    Thanks skippy it’s those instructions what got me thinking. Looking at it today with fresh eyes, it looks like the ebus was not connected with the current danfoss RX1 set up.

    This is the current back plate and set up, I’m also on LPG if that makes a difference.


    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post
  • Middo
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    Thanks Skippy, it’s all wired up now via Ebus and the shoddy wiring the boiler fixed too.

    Just waiting if the firmware update to finish then I will test it. You need 64.6 on the extension or higher.

    This post is also really useful for vaillant owners.