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I need to change either the username or email address for this account on the forum. Drives me nuts when a forums has no apparent facility for doing this but maybe I'm missing the obvious. So can anyone explain how to do either of the above. Or even delete this account on the forum and I'll start again.


  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    I had that issue before. Observations:

    • it is quite easy to change the e-mail on the tado account itself (used to control the system) in the app and webpage
    • when changing that, the marketing department does not get informed. i.e. all commercial mail like newsletters remains on the old address, with no obvious way to change that
    • the forum loses its link to the tado account when the mail address is changed (when you logged in to the forum using your tado account) but you can reset the forum account to use the new mail address and a password. from then on, the forum logon is no longer linked to the tado account, and I don't see how to get them linked again (this is probably what you experienced as well)
  • Thanks, but I don't want to change anything about the tado account. I really just want to change the forum login from one tado account to another. I can achieve what I want by changing either the username or the email address of the forum login.

    Not allowing forum users to change fundamental details like this is unforgivable. I've been a software developer so far from ignorant about how stuff works. It is either down to sheer laziness that they cannot be bothered to create that facility, it is so badly designed that it would break if either of these were changed, or there's some other bizarre reason that I cannot yet grasp.

    I could of course start again with another tado account, but any activity of the first account will not be linked to the new account. Also, I would be unable to use the username I want as it's already taken. If I could delete this account, I'd forgo the former, but there is no delete option.

    This forum is about as well designed and thought out as tado's heating controls.

  • I'm having the same problem this is a really poor setup I cannot change anything so I just want to out now as I cannot do with not being able to set/edit my profile and have not support contact.

    The whole thing is a shambles

  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    At least you didn't sign up to the community using your Google account. It now pulls in my Google Account picture (that only friends and family should see) and there is nothing I can do to remove it. I've had to add a generic picture as my Google account avatar because the Tado community is using it without permission and it can't be stopped.

  • Hello,

    If you need to edit or delete your forum accounts, you just need to contact our support chat (please make clear that you're referring to the community forum account).

    @Ditsy By logging with the Google account, Google will use the avatar that you have set them to use. If you wan to remove thi account just request it to support (writing us from the same mail), and then you can create a new one with your tadoº account. We added the Google option as a generic one to allow the participation of those that wouldn't have a tado account yet.