Problems with tado system in new house

My parents have just bought a house with a tado system. So far, the heating isn't coming on with the timer, the hot water is scalding hot and is also hot when the hot water should be off, and I'm unable to change the contact details to manage the system from the previous owner's details. He doesn't seem to have had much of an idea of how to operate the system himself, had promised to leave full instructions but those only directed me to the tado website, which hasn't been much help.
Can anyone direct me or give any advise on why the heating isn't coming on at the programmed time in the morning? Also, any advice on the excessively hot water? it's a system boiler, with the temp on the tank set to 55, but it's scaldingly hot.
Do I need to remove the old owner from the system before I can change the system management contact details? Im
Thanks in advance for any help.

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    A couple of tests you can try.

    1) In the app turn off the heating and turn on the hot water. Repeatedly turning the dial up and down on the cylinder thermostat should cause the motorised valve to open and close. You will be able to hear the motor turning. You’ll need the cylinder water temperature to be above the minimum setting of the thermostat for this work.

    2) When the cylinder water is cold and hot water is switched off in the app, turn on the heating in the app. The cylinder water should remain cold. If it heats up it indicates a faulty motorised valve or incorrect wiring.

    You’ll have to contact customer support about the error message - it should work.


  • If the hot water in the cylinder is too hot it won’t be caused by the Tado system. The most likely causes are:

    1) The cylinder thermostat has failed - constant demand to boiler for hot water and motorised valve held open

    2) A motorised valve has valve has failed - hot water always flowing through cylinder coil

    3) The system was never wired properly in the first place

    Follow this guide to transfer ownership.

  • Hi, thanks for the response.

    The hot water isn't always hot. It was cold earlier in the day, when the hot water timer was set to OFF, as you would expect. Am I correct in thinking that the first two you list wouldn't then be the problem, but it could have been wired incorrectly?

    I followed the guide you recommended, and got the previous owner to add me to the system. It won't allow me to change the contact details from the previous owner to my details. I get an error message saying the server cannot be contacted,, check Internet connection. Internet connection is fine, the Internet bridge is working, all lights are solid etc, so I'm stumped with that one.