Self Installing - Must I purchase the Tado thermostat & Receiver? Or internet bridge & Tado TRV

hi I currently have the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28i Junior Gas Condensing Boiler. this has the DT10RF programmer thermostat. The boiler has the Digistat DT10RF receiver programmer installed on the control fascia of the boiler. The following link takes you to the pdf manual of these exact two items (the digistat programmer and the dt10rf receiver):

I want to have a smart heating system which will: 

A) allow me to control each specified room in my home from my and my wife's iphone

B) allow me to dictate from my iphone, which room's radiator I would like to remain on and which I would like off

C) and in those rooms that i have chosen to permit the radiators to stay on, i want to be able to specify the temperature in each room; where in one room the temperature may be different to the next room, whilst both remain on.

I have a total of 10 radiators in my home, each in separate rooms. Each radiator already has manual controlled TRV's, where i can reduce and increase the level of heat from 0 to 5. The above smart heating system would make it more convenient in managing each radiator and room temperature. I want to achieve the above smart heating system in only 7 of the rooms. the remaining 3 radiators are in the ground floor hallway, upper floor hallway and main bathroom and I'm happy to continue with manual TRV's on these specific radiators.

Please can someone help me, i've never installed or purchased any smart heating controls.

1) As I already have the DT10RF receiver installed on the Greenstar 28i Junior condensing boiler, would I still require the Tado Wireless Receiver to be installed? So, would I have to remove the DT10RF receiver from the boiler and replace with the Tado Wireless receiver to achieve the above smart heating system?

2) For me to achieve the above smart heating system, would it be sufficient for me to obtain the Tado internet bridge and 7xTado TRV's and install these? Whilst keeping the original DT10RF receiver intact on the boiler and using the Digistat Programmer thermostat? Thereby not requiring the Tado Wireless Thermostat? I would place the Digistat programmer thermostat (my current configuration) in between the Ground/Upper Hallway areas.

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  • My understanding which may be incorrect, is that you need a smart thermostat + receiver + smart TRV's?

    But would I even need a smart thermostat? because I only want to control 7 rooms via smart heating, and the other 3 im happy to continue to go around and manually turn the TRV's.

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    @NHSClinician I also have the Digistat DT10RF on a Worcester Combi. The role of the wired tado wall stat is to receive requests for heat (not hot water) and pass to the boiler. My Digistat is programmed permanently on. In your design you will not get heat to the non-tado'd rads unless a rad with a tado calls for heat.

    Your next move should be to contact Support outlining your requirements and current equipment by type and make and they will furnish you with all the necessary installation and wiring diagrams specific to your set up. It will do all that you have mentioned.

  • Hi Sam thanks for replying. How do I call them?