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Smart Radiator Valve to control hot water heating

I have replaced my existing heating control system with Tado devices.

My hot water cylinder has 3 sources of heating: roof solar panel, electric immersion heater and boiler heating.

The boiler heating coil had a TRV included with an external thermostat attached to the hot water tank in the old system to control the temperature. When I replaced the system with Tado I had a unused TRV on the hot water heating coil.

I mounted a Smart Radiator Valve( Horizontal) in a vertical position on the TRV.

I added additional lagging to exposed hot pipes. The hot water tank has good insulation. I set the temperature of the Smart Radiator valve to the highest setting (25C) and included a short heating schedule for it.

The hot water is now heated from the boiler as before and by the time the Smart Radiator Valve comes up to max temperature the water in the tank is heated. I have flexability with the system to add a negative offset temperature to the Smart Radiator valve to increase the water temperature.

Might not work in all cases. I no longer use electric water heating.

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  • What kind of water heater did you have? I mean the electric one. I use EcoSmart ECO 27 and I liked it, but soon we are moving to another flat and we are trying to figure out if we want to keep the same system or to try something new.

    Anyway I would be happy to know your opinion.  

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