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  • Hello,

    I have this issue who I think it would be a great idea. I live in a rented house with other members of the family, who are working and having different schedules. What I would like is to after inviting all them into my "Home" to be able to assign the TRV from their room to their profile so they can use the geofencing and switch on/off independently in the home network of TRV's. in this situation, whoever have an TRV assigned to their room/profile can work independently from other TRV's based on their location.

  • So to ensure I understand you, I have a Smart thermostat controlling my upstairs circuit via a motorised valve, I also have a Smart thermostat controlling my downstairs circuit via a motorised valve.

    If I link all upstairs Radiator valves to the Smart thermostat, and all downstairs radiator valves to the downstairs Smart thermostat. Any room calling for heat will activate the appropriate Smart thermostat, either upstairs or downstairs depending on which it is linked to, which opens the motorised valve for that circuit and fires the boiler?

  • Add app alert (inc to unpaid version) that a thermostat is detecting a temperature above a user specified value e.g. 25°C. I've been caught out a couple of times working from home on hot days where the room temperature has gradually risen without me realising, then suddenly I realise I'm not feeling well. An alert would have prompted me to do something about it.
  • samd
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    @CMJS May well be needed in certain circumstances but why are your radiators calling for heat on a hot day?

  • A Tado cylinder stat is an excellent idea, not having one is a bit of a gap in their product lineup. It surely wouldn't be that difficult to create considering what they have already done

  • A second light weight app for individual room control would be great

  • samd
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    @CosminCC They can already do all that apart from the individual geofencing.

  • In the old app I frequently compared the outdoor and indoor temperature. If the outdoor temperature dropped below the indoor temperature I would open a window so I could air out the hot air.

    In the recently updated app I am missing this feature. I would love to have it back.

    Additionally I would like to get an alert in the evening that it's the right time to open the window and let the cold air in.

  • We all know that Google play store is not available anymore in new Huawei smartphones like the P40.

    PLEASE bring the Tado app to the Huawei app store so we can also use it!

  • You can see the temperature with decimals (eg. 20,3) for every thermostat but for the normal thermostatic taps you can only see full degrees without decimals (eg. 20) whereas in the detailed historical graph, you can see the degrees with a decimal.


    • the information is available, so show it
    • it does not take more space, because it's already displayed for the thermostats
    • its more user friendly; avoids to need to enter the historical graph and long press the temperature curve

    Please upvote if you agree.

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  • jelockwood
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    edited August 2020


    I totally agree, at a minimum it would allow a wireless cylinder stat linked to the Tado system whereas currently you have to use a traditional dumb wired cylinder stat. It could ideally also provide precise temperature control whereas traditional cylinder stats only provide 'call for heat' level control.

    However the lack of progress on providing a cheap simple room stat to override unreliable Tado Smart TRV sensors despite many, many votes (234 votes at last count) and requests does not lend a lot of hope.

    The crazy thing is that such devices would mainly re-use their existing technology and provide additional sales opportunities.

    PS. @PhilipJM you should add your vote to this request.

  • MiguelA
    edited August 2020

    As of today (V3+) Thermostat can show a OFF status although the device relay (switch) is ON.

    This means that if we look at the app status or directly on the Thermostat the heating should be OFF, however it’s possible that the Heating is still ON. (This can happen for example due to 5m security delay on consecutive state changes to prevent, for example, damaging the boiler)

    I have seen several posts saying that Thermostat shows everything OFF but the boiler keeps working.

    This gives a bad user experience because according to all visual/app information the boiler should not be working.


    A very simple example:

    0) Start from a scheduling with heating OFF (ex: Frost protection)

    1) Force it on (raise target room temperature above the upper limit) - Relay closes and Boiler Starts.

    2) After few seconds/minute, force it off (drop target room temperature) - Thermostat correctly sets a 5m timer indicating the will keep this state (heating) for 5min.

    3) Cancel the timer before finishing, thermostat goes back to current schedule scenario (OFF)

    4) This leads to incoherent state without any user information on the same. Thermostat shows OFF, Boiler is running.

    The Thermostat/App should always present the current state of the relay (OPEN/CLOSED) and when not aligned with current thermostat state this should be presented to the user (ex:some code, text,.. waiting for a security timer).


  • People added to home, shouldn't have full permissions to then revoke your access to your own system!

    Please add granular access to user accounts!!!!

  • It's nice that Tado com provide a set of Smart features however sometimes software/algorithms don't work as expected. 

    Basic security should be present on every device that control boiler activity to avoid overheating. 

    I saw several posts talking about Thermostat being OFF but boiler was working, this is for sure an algorithm glitch. 

    To avoid this type of behavior a more basic control should be present on the firmware itself to avoid overheating and having huge gas bills if you are not at home when this happens.

    This would, for example, disable all heating and enter in an error state independent of the schedule/current state etc... if room temperature goes above a high value that can be defined (and stored in the device) by the user. The state could be reverted back to if room temperature goes below another defined value. 

    Ex: if temperature stays above 24º for more than x number of minutes then force the relay to open independent of the current perceived state) and send an alert to the user. 

    This would provide more confidence to account for unexpected situations


  • I’ll add to this. I’ve just bought my first AC unit and spent more money to get one that would be supported by Tado since every room in the house has at least one Smart Radiator Thermostat in it.

    I was shocked to find that the AC sits in its own room rather than being able to put it in the room that it is actually in.

    I have another AC on order for my home office and, from the look of it this will end up in the same “Air Conditioning” room as the first one. What happens if I only want one of the rooms to be cooled?
  • hi all,

    returned from a week of holidays to find out that one of my radiators equipped with a 'smart' (???) Tado radiator thermostat has been heating at full power, just because the battery level was low. I have not turned on my heating for the last 5 months and we are currently experiencing a heat wave (actively trying to keep the heat out of our house!...)

    i cannot imagine any logical explanation why heating should go on (read: to max level) whenever a battery is nearly empty.

    the fallback state for a 'smart' radiator button should be 'heating off' and not 'heating max'.

    this has caused significant inconvenience and i'm pretty sure Tado has cost me more money over one week than it has saved me in the last couple of years.

    @Tado please make sure the necessary software (or hardware, so be it) updates are realized to resolve this absolute stupidity.

  • Our AC's need additional settings to operate in Auto-mode. Most importantly the smaller wall-mount indoor units need Temp-setting (and preferably side-to-side motion), the larger in-ceiling units need a Temp-delta/deviation from preset (24 according to manual) for Auto-operation.

    Currently Smart AC is hardly useable for us, Cool-mode keeps cooling, even though Tado target temp has been reached (default for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC according to vendor).

  • Not everybody in the household is happy with the manual controls on Tado. So they still use the manual/handheld IR remotes that came with our Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC installation (also because Tado Smart AC needs important function).

    The idea is to have Tado also register inputs from AC, so Tado knows when/if setting changed.

    Now Tado is unaware of any changes and would need to cycle the AC to it's own setting to get back in control. E.g. Tado detects an 'Open window' when temp is changed outside of Tado :)

  • Had the same!
    Please fix?
  • Not sure if I'm missing it or not but from what I can see there's no option to restart (reboot) your Tado internet bridge via the app
  • There is no option within the app but you can restart each device manually using the following instructions:

  • Tado should design a new holder as currently there is nothing. Either free standing or wall mounted.
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Croftshark Hello - it comes with a wall mounted holder. Is that not working for you?

  • Same here. Either a manual switch or a software switch to turn NO into NC (and vice versa).

  • Please make it possible for assistants such as Google Home and Siri to trigger the home and away modes.
  • Please make it possible for assistants such as Google Home and Siri to alter the preset schedule, and also to revert back to the set schedule from manual control.
  • Hi i think it will be a nice feature to have on tado smart ac control v3+ when i have a cottage is frost protection when it is use alot and we dont need to shut off the water and it is easy to worm up when its about 8 degree

  • I have to use 7 day a week programming due to different work pattens of those in the house, and each day needs 6 to 8 steps within it to properly do what we need, and make full use of the 'smart' technology. We will have 12 or so devices that's nearly 700 individual settings!

    Please, please, please can you make it possible to setup a 'nearest fit' schedule which can then be copied between schedules and devices? Most ordinary digital timer/thermostats have this feature, and this would make it so much easier.

    Best option I can think of would be a screen to set up 'master schedules' which could then be selected via a drop down if required - eg Master weekend, master weekday, master weekday if working, master weekday if not working, master holiday etc etc

    I think that makes sense,



  • Timbo_G
    edited August 2020

    I am new to this, and to the issues, but possibly - a TRV has to push the operating rod against the spring pressure to shut down the Rad, which requires power to do it. Maybe if the batteries die, they simply cannot shut down the rad because it needs power to do it - more the valve itself than the TRV controller?

    Just a thought,


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