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Allow individual room TRV to open zone valve for that circuit

When installing Tado, I replaced my wired thermostats in hall and landing that controlled downstairs and upstairs zone valves with Tado thermostats. The Tado thermostats now control the zone valves via the Extension kit.

Most of my rooms have Tado TVRs, however, for a room on either circuit to receive heat, the corresponding zone valve must be open. The zone valves are wired to my oil fired boiler and when they open they trigger the boiler.

If only one room on a circuit needs to be heated in a zone, the appropriate Tado thermostat needs to be set at a sufficiently high temperature to open the zone valve. This often forces me to set the hall and/or landing thermostat to a higher temperature in order to open the zone valve.

Each TVR, when calling for heat, should be able to open the appropriate zone valve long enough to enable that room to be heated. Once the TVRs determine the rooms have reached the required temperature, and unless the hall and/or landing thermostats are calling for heat, should be capable of closing the zone valve for that circuit.

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  • _Marie_Marie | Moderator
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    Hello @TheShark,

    It is possible to link all rooms, up to ten, to the Smart Thermostat and thus each room is able to make a heat demand. Even if the room where the Smart Thermostat is located is at the right temperature, if a Smart Radiator Thermostat detects that the temperature is too low, it will then be able to ask your boiler to turn on. 

    If you want to activate this option, please contact our technical support via the chat on our website. 

    Best regards,

    Your tado° Team

  • So to ensure I understand you, I have a Smart thermostat controlling my upstairs circuit via a motorised valve, I also have a Smart thermostat controlling my downstairs circuit via a motorised valve.

    If I link all upstairs Radiator valves to the Smart thermostat, and all downstairs radiator valves to the downstairs Smart thermostat. Any room calling for heat will activate the appropriate Smart thermostat, either upstairs or downstairs depending on which it is linked to, which opens the motorised valve for that circuit and fires the boiler?

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