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EBUS configuration


I will buy a Saunier Duval ISOMAX (Vaillant group) with ebus and I have a Tado v3. Could you give how can I settings my setup?

Thank you.


  • JoeyJoey | Moderator

    Hello Persofaby,

    As this is an request specific for your home setup I recommend you contact the Support Team directly:

    Kind regards,


  • @Persofaby

    Last time I checked Tado only supported the Vaillant eBus protocol as implemented with a Vaillant VR65 controller. However newer Vaillant boilers now come with a VR66 module which speaks a slightly different eBus protocol.

    Workarounds would include -

    1. Downgrade to a VR65 module - likely will invalidate warranty and obviously an extra cost
    2. Get a VR33 module which translates eBus to OpenTherm. However this definitely invalidates the UK warranty
    3. Control the boiler in old fashioned 'call for heat' control mode
    4. And of course ask Tado if they now support the VR66 version
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