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Im pulling my hair out and customer support is being vauge and in over a week havent helped

OK I have a worcester greenstart 24i erp boiler which has no major control on it except the temp of the water that leaves it

Up stairs in a cupboard where only contortionists could work, I have an immersion heater, and the programmer (to operate the programmer there is no light in there, nor is there ability to work the thing with your dominant hand if you are right handed, and even with your left hand, you tend to burn yourself on the hot pipe of the immersion heater - heres my environment

(add lady bumps, and glasses, and getting in there is basically impossible)

So, I worked out as I have split level heating and I want my immersion heater on it as it is now on the programmer, that i would need an extension box, and 2 thermostats.. which I duly bought (yeah support havent even really confirmed i need 2, as they only answer 1 question per day it seems)

So, after hours of swearing about which inbread halfwit thought that was a great place to put the programmer.... which seems to be a salus 310 something

this wiring is nothing like either of the 2 diagrams on the extension block

So.. I thought Id quit my losses and at least get the thermostats in, after all, "they just clip in" they said

So I have no idea if my system is "potential free" or "switched live" (I kinda assumed it is likely the switched live as there seems to be electricity running to the thermostats and programmer..

so, before I send all this stuff back

How can I make this work

All I want is to be able to say "Alexa, set heating to 22c" or whatever... as these thermostats have minds of their own, both are currently set to about 18... and yet upstairs was claiming 26.6C on the tado one!! (the heat was not helping my temper or my asthma)


  • GermánGermán | Admin
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    Hello Struggling,

    When you register your products in your tadoº account and selec the option "Install mysefl with step by step instructions" the specific step by step installation instructions will be offered upon having defined what's your current setup.

    If you are not a professional installer is normal that you don't know about these things you mention, and this is why you shouldn't be attempting to install the product by yourself without having received the specific instructions for your system.

    I could find that you have your account created but haven't registered any product to it yet, from there you only need to go to Add device > Smart Thermostat and select the option mentioned before: Install myself with step by step instructions.

    Our support won't give you any wiring information unless you've gone through tthe appropiate installation path described here, as we need to be responsible of the instructions given according to the system information you provide in the process.

    Best regards,


  • Sadly your post demonstrates my case. This post was over a week old

    In the mean time, it turns out tado dont support 2 channel central heating, so i had to ask them to remove all the devices from my account so I could return the units as the website and vague messages from support had suggested it was supported

  • GermánGermán | Admin
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    Hello Struggling,

    Our Community Forum is not a support channel.

    With the information you give in this comment, then yes, we can confirm is not compatible, because you weren't talking about two heating circuits, a 3 channel programmer with one for hot water and two for heating is not compatible. The 2 heating circuits can still be controlled with individual wired thermostats, what we couldn't offer in that setup is the hot water control.

    Best regards,


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