Make geofencing room/user specific

It would be great to have room/user specific geofencing.

If a room (or rooms) is linked to a specific user then it wouldn't heat that room if they're out but would continue to heat the rest of the house. If everyone was out of the house, it would behave as it does currently

My kids are often out but we're at home so it would be good to have the system hold off heating their rooms while the rest of the house is unaffected.

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  • I totally agree. This should be definitely incorporated in the app.

  • I have a floor which is occupied by in in-laws, when they're we don't want to heat it. I can do something honky with Homekit but setting thermostats to be the user (or groups of users) would be much better. Zones won't work as we have the same boiler.

  • Great feature - definitely should be rolled out.
  • have been asking for this from Tado for years.