Serial Number already registered

Hi, I just purchased the Tado Smart AC control and going through the set up process and then it says the device is already registered to another household with the serial number. What can I do?


  • Julia
    Julia | Moderator

    Hi @Nick

    Thank you for your question.

    This means that your device has been registered to another tado° Home before and the previous owner has not unregistered it yet. This happens frequently with second hand devices.

    As we have to observe very strict rules regarding security and data protection, unfortunately we cannot simply unregister them for you. Please contact the previous owner or seller and ask them to remove the device from their account. They can do that either themselves or they can ask us to remove the device for them.

    If you did not buy them second hand, please contact us with the serial number and a scan of your proof of purchase so we can look into it.

    Thank you for understanding!