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Tado - put your money where your mouth is!

I accept that I am a bit of an anorak - for you Europeans out there it means I am a bit of a geek. And as such, I like data. So I dip my oil tank every week throughout the year to measure oil consumption. I then log this on a spreadsheet so I have a year on year comparison.

And in the year that I have installed Tado after removing my Nest my oil consumption has increased from 2000 litres per annum to 2500 litres last year.

So much for Tado saving me money.

Now, I am sure that Tado would argue that oil consumption is weather dependent and all sorts of other things and I would accept that.

But they want £25 a year to turn on the Auto Assist and I just cannot see how they can actually save me any money whatsoever when they've already increased my usage by 25%.

So, my challenge to Tado is this - offer a moneyback guarantee. Totally guarantee me that my oil consumption will go down as a result of signing up to the Auto Assist or refund the fee.

Anyone think they'll not even respond to this post?


  • Tado already offers a Save energy or get your money back guarantee.

  • The only problem with that is that you have to claim within a year - but you can't know your annual consumption until a year is up.

    I'd love to know how many times they've paid out....

  • From your original post you said that you measure your usage each week so I would have thought that you would have noticed your consumption increasing well before the twelve months was up.

    It looks like you missed an opportunity to get your money back there.

  • You'd think so. But that's not how it worked out. My normal usage is 75 litres a week with the Nest and with Tado. Very very rarely did the Nest demand heat to the point where it went above this. However, the Tado threw in a few 100 litre weeks and even a 150 litre week. Plus, it demanded heat for more of the year than the Nest did. And as I said in my original post, Tado would probably put that down to atmospherics.

    Telling Tado that I want a refund after only a few months where consumption had gone up is like complaining about your car's fuel economy after only 20 miles of driving if you're planning on a 500 mile trip.

    Anyway, as you say, the refund option is gone.

    I certainly can't recommend the system as it's expensive to buy and, in my one year of experience, sucks oil.

    My question to Tado really was about them backing up their claims regarding the Auto Assist. You see, Nest offer that service for free.

    I'm almost talking myself into returning to Nest.....
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    @Catfunt have you gone multi-zone with lots of smart TRVs?

    With the Nest thermostat I’m assuming you had one thermostat giving you one temperature measurement for the whole house. You now have multiple measurements, so some rooms may now be heated more than before. You’re getting comfort with each radiator calling for heat, but it means the boiler runs longer to satisfy all the radiators calling for heat at different times.

    Secondly, you have an oil boiler so I suspect it does not modulate the burner like a gas boiler. It’s max power or nothing. Your issue may be a mismatch in the load which is making your boiler inefficient. For example you have an 18kw boiler providing hot water to a single 1kw radiator. This will mean your boiler has to repeatedly switch on and off (short cycling), which is wasting energy.

    just some thoughts on why you may be using more oil.

  • @GrilledCheese

    You're absolutely right. The Nest was centrally located in an average part of the house and we had mechanical TRVs on the rads. The result is that some rooms were perfect, some too warm and some too cold. Certainly, my daugters' bedrooms tended to be cooler.

    I now have 9 zones, eight of which have at least one Tado TRV and a room stat and one just has the Tado TRV. I also have three bathrooms, two of which have radiator towel rails without thermostats and one has a small rad with a mechanical TRV.

    Just counting up, there are 16 radiators and towel rails in total and the boiler is a 28 or 30kw condensing oil boiler.

    I did all of the calculations for the system and the boiler matches the demands of the house.

  • Initially I think you should give your feedback directly to the Tado team and see what they have to say.

    If you stick with Tado you could try the following as an experiment. Mount a single wall thermostat in the position of the old Nest thermostat and configure it to have primacy. This thermostat will measure house temperature and control the boiler. In this mode the smart TRVs cannot independently call for heat, but will open and close the radiator valve to maintain the room temperature. This should stop rooms from over heating, but some rooms may be cooler because they cannot call for heat by themselves.

    I suspect this configuration will use less oil, but you’re sacrificing some of the comfort.

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