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maximum temperature

During a routine boiler service I was required to run the heating system, this was when I discovered the maximum temperature I could set on the radiator stats was 25c and with an ambient temperature of 32c it wouldn't start. I got around the problem with ice cubes and a fan but a higher set point would have been much easier.
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  • +1 for this, 25ºC is not high enough, particularly if you want to use a radiator to dry something on an already warm, but rainy day!... ended up taking the smart valve off, screwed it onto an old radiator tail I had spare and then put in the fridge! This left the radiator open to the system and told tado to fire up the heating.

    Such a poor experience for a premium product that many people pay for.

    @Germán - max temp is surely just one parameter in the coding, right? Quick find and replace maybe?

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