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Shared schedules

Currently schedules need to be set up on a per room basis; however, I have a number of rooms that I’d like to be on the same schedule.

I know I could group them as a single room, but they heat up at different rates, so I wouldn’t want to do this. I also sometimes want to switch the heating off, or boost it, in one of the rooms, but not the other.

I think it would be better if you could set us schedules independently to rooms, and then select which schedule you wanted to apply to which rooms on which days.

For example, I could create a “bedrooms - weekday” schedule, and apply it to each bedroom for Monday to Friday.

This would also address another requested feature of separate summer and winter schedules, as you could set up a “bedrooms - weekday - summer” and a “bedrooms - weekday - winter” schedule, and switch when the weather changed.

It could also be used to more easily switch schedules at times like school holidays.

This feature would be even better if you could also group rooms together and assign them all to the same schedule, and so switch them as a group in holidays or when seasons changed.
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