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Copy 'Smart Schedule' setting between devices and days!

I have to use 7 day a week programming due to different work pattens of those in the house, and each day needs 6 to 8 steps within it to properly do what we need, and make full use of the 'smart' technology. We will have 12 or so devices that's nearly 700 individual settings!

Please, please, please can you make it possible to setup a 'nearest fit' schedule which can then be copied between schedules and devices? Most ordinary digital timer/thermostats have this feature, and this would make it so much easier.

Best option I can think of would be a screen to set up 'master schedules' which could then be selected via a drop down if required - eg Master weekend, master weekday, master weekday if working, master weekday if not working, master holiday etc etc

I think that makes sense,



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