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Support stand or holder for wireless thermostats

Tado should design a new holder as currently there is nothing. Either free standing or wall mounted.
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  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Croftshark Hello - it comes with a wall mounted holder. Is that not working for you?

  • My device did not have a holder. It was just the device with some adhesive pads.

    So I built a Wall holder and later a stand (to place it on a shelf) for me. But this is not very customer friendly.

    Only in some cases, the tado can be wall mounted face-to-face with the AC device. Mounting it with adhesive pads is not really long term stable, and not very practical should you ever need to deal directly with the device.

    What would be good for many customers (such as me) would be a stand coming with the device, preferrably a stand which can also be used as a wall mount. It is important that the tado can be both mounted flat on a wall (if that wall faces the AC device), or rectangular to the surface it is mounted upon (standing on a shelf, or mounted on a wall which is perpendicular to the AC device front surface.

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