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Low battery level on smart radiator thermostat should NOT (!!!) cause heating to go to MAX

hi all,

returned from a week of holidays to find out that one of my radiators equipped with a 'smart' (???) Tado radiator thermostat has been heating at full power, just because the battery level was low. I have not turned on my heating for the last 5 months and we are currently experiencing a heat wave (actively trying to keep the heat out of our house!...)

i cannot imagine any logical explanation why heating should go on (read: to max level) whenever a battery is nearly empty.

the fallback state for a 'smart' radiator button should be 'heating off' and not 'heating max'.

this has caused significant inconvenience and i'm pretty sure Tado has cost me more money over one week than it has saved me in the last couple of years.

@Tado please make sure the necessary software (or hardware, so be it) updates are realized to resolve this absolute stupidity.

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  • Had the same!
    Please fix?
  • Timbo_GTimbo_G
    edited August 27

    I am new to this, and to the issues, but possibly - a TRV has to push the operating rod against the spring pressure to shut down the Rad, which requires power to do it. Maybe if the batteries die, they simply cannot shut down the rad because it needs power to do it - more the valve itself than the TRV controller?

    Just a thought,


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