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Thermostat Firmware Security control to avoid over heating when something goes wrong.

It's nice that Tado com provide a set of Smart features however sometimes software/algorithms don't work as expected. 

Basic security should be present on every device that control boiler activity to avoid overheating. 

I saw several posts talking about Thermostat being OFF but boiler was working, this is for sure an algorithm glitch. 

To avoid this type of behavior a more basic control should be present on the firmware itself to avoid overheating and having huge gas bills if you are not at home when this happens.

This would, for example, disable all heating and enter in an error state independent of the schedule/current state etc... if room temperature goes above a high value that can be defined (and stored in the device) by the user. The state could be reverted back to if room temperature goes below another defined value. 

Ex: if temperature stays above 24º for more than x number of minutes then force the relay to open independent of the current perceived state) and send an alert to the user. 

This would provide more confidence to account for unexpected situations


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