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Thermostat should show current status of the relay

As of today (V3+) Thermostat can show a OFF status although the device relay (switch) is ON.

This means that if we look at the app status or directly on the Thermostat the heating should be OFF, however it’s possible that the Heating is still ON. (This can happen for example due to 5m security delay on consecutive state changes to prevent, for example, damaging the boiler)

I have seen several posts saying that Thermostat shows everything OFF but the boiler keeps working.

This gives a bad user experience because according to all visual/app information the boiler should not be working.


A very simple example:

0) Start from a scheduling with heating OFF (ex: Frost protection)

1) Force it on (raise target room temperature above the upper limit) - Relay closes and Boiler Starts.

2) After few seconds/minute, force it off (drop target room temperature) - Thermostat correctly sets a 5m timer indicating the will keep this state (heating) for 5min.

3) Cancel the timer before finishing, thermostat goes back to current schedule scenario (OFF)

4) This leads to incoherent state without any user information on the same. Thermostat shows OFF, Boiler is running.

The Thermostat/App should always present the current state of the relay (OPEN/CLOSED) and when not aligned with current thermostat state this should be presented to the user (ex:some code, text,.. waiting for a security timer).


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