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There's quite a lot of duplication of ideas on this community.

Perhaps having a register of suggestions as a sticky post would be a good idea. It would also be useful if Tado would give an indication of when the suggestion would be implemented or a reason why it isn't being taken forward


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  • GermánGermán | Admin
    edited February 25

    Hello davidlyall,

    Regarding your first suggestion, you're right and in no time we'll actively merge all related polls, in addition would try to prevent the duplications in the future by closing new threads about an existing feature way sooner than we're doing now, so we can refer to the existing one.

    We actually wanted that the default order of the threads in this category were the TOP sorting option, but apparently it's not possible.

    There's no topic that's left behind. Issues that may not have been voted enough for a certain time may become of interest of new customers in the future, so we're not to close any of the suggestions that are open giving the oportunity for anyone that comes later to also vote and add arguments for them. When suggested features are released, then yes, we'll close these threads.

    That being said, I hope you agree with my decission of removing this suggestion from voting as we are going to apply it already :)

    Best regards,


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