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Limit who can see entire history of user location data in the graph. Now everyone sees where i was!

I frequently have guests, airbnb guests, friends, and other random people staying at my place.

Giving them access to Tado makes their life easy because they don't have to deal with a thermostat.. and the graph is an amazing feature of the application, and very useful for me, as a home owner, to check on my house.

But it also exposes 6 years of my at home/not at home routines. I feel very uncomfortable by not being able to disable this level of access to my own personal data, as it opens many potential data abuse scenarios and in general is a privacy nightmare.

How about a "guest" mode which has location services enabled, but which does not get access to the graph. That feature should just not be there for such a user.


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  • RorusBassRorusBass
    edited March 4

    Frankly the guest mode in general seems like a good idea. How do you handle guests that do not have a smart phone?

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