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Running two internet bridges off one internet router box

Is there somebody who can help with the below points please. 

I have a tado system set up in my house, comprising of an extension kit, bridge and a smart thermostat.

What I would like to do is fit the same system in the house next door which I also own. The house next door does not have any internet access, so I was hopping to use my Internet access (router box) in the house that has Tado already installed.

Do I need to have internet running, in the house that I intend to install Tado?

Or can I run a cat cable, from my router box to the boiler next door and install the bridge there?

The important question is can I run both independently?

I am willing to buy all three items (extension kit, bridge and a smart thermostat) again for next door and extend my internet to cover the next door with the aid of wifi extenders.

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  • Technically there is nothing restricting you from running two bridges from one router.

    The best option is your suggestion of running a CAT6 cable from your router to the neighbour’s house as the connection of the tado kit to the bridge will be more reliable in the same house. If you’re particularly generous to your neighbour you could run a CAT6 from your router to a switch such as the TP-LINK TL-SG108S in their house and give them internet access for anything!

    All that’s important, as far as I can see, is that each bridge is set up on a different tado account, where it gets its internet access from is irrelevant.
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