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Why is maximum temperature set to 25C?

25C may feel very warm to others and a little cool to others. Old fashioned manual thermostats certainly used to allow temperatures up to 30C or so and as I recall Nest certainly allows temperatures up to 30C. Personally, my comfort level is around 24-25C but sometimes if my apartment is drafty because of high winds outside, a setting of 25C is not "high enough". It feels like Tado is "playing God" here (or at least government) by deciding what is the maximum temperature setting that I am allowed to use and I object to that. You can in any event work-around this restriction by using the temperature offset setting, but why should I have to use a false temperature just to get around this? I would be quite happy if Tado made the maximum temperature a user setting - perhaps with some sort of password protection to stop kids messing with the system - but in the meantime, until you can make a full implementation, please just remove the restriction that should not be there in the first place.

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  • well my Tado indicates a diference about 10 grades C higher than normal,so if i set my Very smart thermostat to 25,in fact in my room is 15.Cool isn it?
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