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Make Open Window Detection feature more intelligent; use both inside and outside temperature

I like the idea of the Open Window Detection, but I think it is quite unintelligent as it is now, as it simply detects whether the window is open (I assume from detecting a steep decline in temperature), and then shuts off the heating for a given amount of time (15 min per default, but this time can be adjusted in the app).

However, when the given time period has passed, it turns on the heating again, EVEN if the window is still open, thus wasting huge amounts of heating energy. The explanation I have gotten from Tado is that it turns heating on again to ensure frost protection (even if it is not freezing outside).

Therefore, the request is to improve this algorithm by taking two simple parameters into consideration:

  1. The temperature in the room: Is it close to freezing, e.g. below 5 C? If not, it should not activate frost protection and remain shut off until the window is closed
  2. The temperature outside: If the outside temperature outside is above freezing there should not be any reason for the algorithm to activate the frost protection function

I assume a closed window could be detected by a plateauing of the temperature curve.

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  • AdyRAdyR
    edited January 23

    I guess one problem if they don't switch the heating back on then they don't know if the window has been closed as the temperature might not rise again without a heat source.

    A better solution would be to make a window sensor the communicates with the system.

    I do this via my Homey automation controller that talks to tado as well as many other devices. When Homey detects a window / door is open, for more that 30 seconds, via a sensor, it sets the relevant tado temperature to a lower setting and then switches back to the smart setting when the window / door is closed.

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