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Holiday Return @ Set time

Geofencing works really nicely, on the whole.

If all occupants are away from the home for extended periods of time - eg. on holiday - then our house drops down to quite a low temperature. That's fine whilst we're away, but when we return, Tado doesn't get enough notice and so the house is still very cold.

We try to short cut this by manually setting all the temperatures in all the different rooms to something sensible, which overrides the Geofencing, however, it's difficult to time this correctly. Sometimes we return and the house has got too hot or isn't back up to temperature yet.

It would be great to have a single button to set a "return time" from holiday. The system would know how long it will take to return the house to the schedule and start the system at the right time. For example, a leaky house might require 4 hours to start getting warm. An efficient house might require only 2.5. Tado thermostats could then return to schedule seamlessly so that on return from your extended period away, it was like you've never left.

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